Lolo Platform Terms of Use

Terms of reservation, provision, receipt and payment of services

Before starting to use the Lolo platform, please read the Terms carefully. If you do not agree to the Lolo Platform Terms of Use, please do not use the Lolo Platform. These Terms apply to any use of the Services through the Lolo Platform and any Service Agreements concluded through the Lolo Platform.

The Terms are binding only for Lolo and the User; The manufacturer or software developer of the phone on which the Lolo app is installed is not responsible for the Lolo app or its content.


Lolo is SIA "Lolo", reg. No. 40203330318, legal address: Riga, Baldones iela 5 - 1, LV-1007, email address: [email protected]

SIA Lolo provides online service booking and payment between service providers and customers with the help of the Lolo platform. Lolo allows Users to post and offer, search and book services.

The terms of use of the Lolo platform ("Terms") is an electronically concluded and binding contract between the User and SIA "Lolo", which also regulates the legal relationship between Users and the relationship between each User and Lolo.

  • Lolo website - Company website www all data, informative materials and documents placed on its pages and subpages.
  • Lolo app is downloadable application software that runs on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc. devices available Google Play and App Store:


  • User is a natural or legal person who uses the Lolo platform and:

1) Provider is a User who publishes and offers services and ensures their execution (including changes, cancellations and refunds).;

2) Customer is a User who has registered on the Lolo platform and searches, reserves or uses and pays for the Service (including changes, and cancellation);

  • Service and service provider provided service that it offers to purchase through the Lolo Platform.
  • Bill is an electronic invoice for Service Provider Service , which is provided by the Lolo information and accounting system.
  • Service Agreement – any agreement reached between the service provider and customer for the provision of services that will be performed in the future. The contract for the provision of services can be concluded by telephone, using text messages (SMS), via e-mail, with a written submission or contract.
  • Username - The user's e-mail address, phone, which he chose during registration and uses when using the Website. It is forbidden for the same User to register and use several User names
  • Password - a combination of symbols, letters and numbers chosen by the User, which, together with the User's name, ensures his identification when using the Website.
  • Linked payment card :
    Service provider, the debit or credit payment card linked to its profile on the Site to make Reward payments;
    Customer debit or credit payment card linked or used to pay for the Service.

  • Compensation fee - commission for Lolo online solution services paid Provider , with which a cooperation agreement has been concluded.
  • Reservation - The Customer is bound by the choice of Service and readiness to buy the Service.
  • Calendar – the possibility to connect the user's calendar with the reserved Service.

    Customer profile

  • Service Provider which is linked to its profile on the Site for making Reward payments;
  • Client debit or credit payment card linked or used to pay for the Service.
  • Remuneration fee - commission for Lolo online solution services paid by the Service Provider with whom the cooperation agreement is concluded.
  • Reservation - The Customer is bound by the choice of Service and readiness to buy the Service.
  • Calendar - the possibility to connect the user's calendar with the reserved Service.

  • In order to use the Lolo platform for booking and using the Services, the Customer must create a user profile by following the registration instructions.
  • A natural person who has reached the age of 18 can create a customer profile.

    To create a profile, the Customer must enter a username and password and provide Lolo with certain personal data, such as name, email address, phone number and at least one valid payment card or other means of payment information. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the information on the created profile is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

    Lolo does not store the Customer's payment instrument information, this is done by a third party - a payment service provider. The customer is obliged to ensure that the payment card or other payment information of his profile is up-to-date. Lolo provides technical and organizational measures to protect user data. To obtain additional information on how Lolo processes the personal data of customers, Lolo invites you to familiarize yourself with Lolo's Privacy Policy.

    Lolo platform login information is personal. The customer takes care and ensures that the login information of the user profile is not disclosed and used in a way that is not accessible to third parties. A customer can have only one personal user profile.

    If the Customer suspects that another person has obtained the information of the Customer's user profile without permission or has gained access to the Customer's user profile, the Customer shall immediately inform Lolo about this. The customer is responsible for the use of the Lolo platform and the activities on his profile.

    By creating a profile, the User confirms that he (i) is not located in a country subject to sanctions; and (ii) is not on any Person Sanctions List. The Customer confirms that the funds used to pay for the Services have a legal origin and are not directly or indirectly obtained as a result of a criminal offence and/or are not related to the financing of terrorism or its attempt, or any other illegal activities.

    The Client can request to delete his profile on the Website. By deleting the profile, all the Customer's personal data will be deleted, and the user will lose the opportunity to access the Website. The customer confirms that Lolo considers the request for deleting the profile within 3 working days and reserves the right to refuse the deletion of the profile if the loss of data results in the inability to ensure the basic operation of the website and/or the safety of other users.

    Service Provider Profile

  • In order to register on the Lolo platform and create a User profile as a Service Provider, the User must meet and the User confirms that he will meet the following criteria when registering on the Lolo platform and throughout the use of the User profile:

    To register on the Lolo platform as a Service Provider, the User must fill in the application form, after receiving it Lolo will contact the Entrepreneur.


    Service add landing on the platform

  • The user is a legal entity or a natural person who has registered as an economic operator.
  • The user has legal capacity and legal capacity; in relation to a natural person, his legal capacity is not limited; in relation to a legal entity - it is entitled to carry out economic activity.
  • The user has a bank account opened in a credit institution, payment institution or electronic money institution registered in the Republic of Latvia, a branch of a foreign credit institution in Latvia, another credit institution in the European Union or an EEA country, or in any other country that is subject to the requirements laid down in the legislation of the European Union in the field of money laundering and terrorist financing prevention or other methods of payment operations that correspond to the mentioned. basis of authorization, delegation, and power of attorney.
  • There are no persons on the list of companies or countries against which international or national sanctions have been imposed.
  • Lolo offers the Service Provider the opportunity to offer its Service by attracting customers through the Lolo platform. The Service Provider may create a description of its Service and amend it, enabling Customers to book the Service online using a publicly available calendar, indicating the fee for each Service to be booked and other instructions at its discretion.

    The Lolo Platform provides tools that facilitate the creation and management of the Service Description. The description of the Service must include complete and accurate information about the Service provided, the free times offered, the price, as well as any terms or requirements that apply to the provision of the Service. The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring that information about the Service, including information about service availability ("Calendar") is always updated and accurate.

    The Service Provider is responsible and undertakes to follow all rules and requirements and to comply with laws, regulations, binding provisions and all regulatory requirements applicable to the Service provided by it at the specific place and time. The service provider is responsible for the compliance of the provided Service and the existence of the necessary permits or licenses/certificates for its provision.

    The Service Provider is responsible for determining the price of the Service, as well as determining the rules and requirements for receiving its Services. The Service Provider must describe the Service Fee in its offer. The service provider is not entitled to charge additional fees that are not specified in the offer.

    Fee for using the platform

    Using the Lolo Platform is free for customers. Customers must only pay for the Services in accordance with these Terms and the Service Agreement concluded through the Lolo Platform.
    Lolo may collect fees and applicable taxes from the Service Provider for the use of the Lolo Platform Solution. The fee is determined for each reservation made.

    Basic principles:
    Variants and price lists of remuneration for using the Lolo platform are constantly updated and indicated on the homepage. Unless otherwise stated on the Lolo Platform, fees for using the Platform are non-refundable.
    The Service Provider is aware that Lolo cannot influence the Customer's choice of Service Provider for any Service and does not guarantee that the Customer will use the services even if a reservation has been made.


  • The Service Provider pays remuneration for the Lolo online solution for the sale of services;
  • Lolo concludes a cooperation agreement with the Service Provider, which determines the settlement procedure for remuneration payments to Lolo. The service provider also includes a related natural or legal person (in the sense of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia),
  • Customers can search for Services by Service Type or Service Provider Name.

    The customer can reserve the Service at a specific time with the specific Service provider by choosing the type of Service he needs. When reserving the Service, the Customer reserves the service and pays the specified Service fee online or pays the service provider. The Service fee indicated on the Lolo Platform also includes the taxes with which the Service is levied.

    Upon receiving the reservation confirmation, a Service Agreement ("Reservation") is concluded between the Customer and the Entrepreneur. The cancellation policy and other rules, standards, policies or requirements specified in the description of the Service or specified at the time of Booking are part of the Customer's contract with the Service Provider.

    Service reservation gives the Customer the right to participate, visit or receive the specified Service. By reserving the service, the Customer confirms that he and everyone invited by the Customer meet the minimum age, skills, suitability or other requirements if such is determined for the Service. The Customer is responsible for informing the Service Provider of any medical or factual conditions that may affect the Customer's ability to participate, attend or receive the Service.


  • When the Customer has made a reservation request using the Lolo platform and the "book a service" function included in it, a Service Agreement has been concluded between the Entrepreneur and the Customer. From this moment, the Service Provider becomes responsible for providing the Service in accordance with the terms contained in the Service Description for the price specified in the Service Description.

    The client pays for the Service, and chooses the most convenient payment method. Lolo ensures payment for the Service from Customers on behalf of Service Providers.

    By paying for the Service on the Lolo website, the Client has fulfilled his payment obligation towards the Service Provider and from this moment he becomes obligated to provide the Service specified in the Reservation at that time and order.


  • If the Customer has paid for the Service and wants to cancel the Reservation, the amount to be refunded is determined by the Cancellation Policy. If a different cancellation procedure has been determined for the specific Service, the corresponding indication will be included in the description of the Service.

    The service provider does not have the right to cancel the reservation without a valid reason. If the service provider cancels the reservation, the Customer has the right to a full refund of the Service fee or the parties can agree on another reservation. Detailed information on in which cases and to what extent the Customer is entitled to a refund of the Service fee is contained in the "Cancellation Policy" section.

    The Service Provider and the Customers have the right to agree on changes to the Reservation. In this event, the parties are responsible for any changes they have agreed upon and agree to pay any additional fees or taxes associated with any changes to the reservation, if applicable.


  • The standard cancellation policy of the Lolo platform provides that the Customer receives a full refund for the reserved Service if it is cancelled 48 hours before the scheduled day of service provision. Instead of cancelling the service, the Customer can change the date and time of receiving/performing the service.

    If the User wants to change the date or time of receiving the Service, it can be done within 48 hours after the reservation and no later than 4 days before the planned day of service provision, but only if the service provider is able to offer another time of service provision.

    The customer has the right to receive a refund of the Service fee if:


    If the User (i) violates these Terms, Lolo's policies or standards, (ii) violates applicable laws, regulations or third-party rights, (iii) has repeatedly received bad feedback or Lolo otherwise learns or has repeatedly received justified complaints about the service the quality of the Services provided by the provider, (vi) the User has repeatedly cancelled confirmed reservations or has not responded to reservation requests without reasonable cause, or (vii) such action is necessary to protect the safety or property of Lolo, other Users or third parties, Lolo is entitled to:

    In case of minor violations or in cases where such action is a more appropriate solution to the situation, the User will be notified of Lolo's planned action and offered to resolve the problem, unless such notification (i) does not impede the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activity, (ii) does not harm the legitimate interests of other participants or third parties or (iii) will not violate applicable laws.

    Lolo has the right to immediately prevent the User from using the Lolo platform and cancel the purchases of the Services if: (i) the User misuses the Lolo platform or causes harm or damage to the use of the Lolo platform or to the Entrepreneurs, (ii) Lolo has a reasonable belief about fraud committed by the User using Lolo platform, (iii) the User makes fraudulent purchases of Services (for example, not paying or not arriving at the place of receiving the Service), or otherwise fails to comply with the obligations arising from these Terms; (iv) there are reasonable doubts about the correctness or authenticity of the reservation; (v) User's manner of expression violates generally accepted norms of decency and behaviour. If Lolo cancels a reservation that has already been paid for, Lolo will transfer the received payment amount back to the same account from which the payment was received.


  • the service provider does not provide the reserved Service,
  • the service provider makes significant changes to the Service after the Reservation.
  • suspend or restrict the User's access to the Lolo platform and/or user profile;
  • remove Service offers, reviews or other content from the Lolo platform; or
  • cancel pending or confirmed reservations.
  • Lolo reserves the right to change or renew these Terms of Use at any time and at its sole discretion, without any notice to Users (before or after the change). The user must independently follow up-to-date information on changes in the Terms of Use. Material changes to the terms of these Terms of Use will be notified to all active Users

    By using Lolo, the User understands that Lolo does not act as a contractor or agent, and is not responsible for the quality and result of the services provided by the service provider. The customer is responsible for selecting a proper and appropriate service provider and for agreeing on the conditions for any services that the service provider undertakes to perform. Lolo will not be involved and will not be responsible for the terms of the Service Agreement between the service provider and the Customer.

    Lolo is constantly improving the Lolo platform and may d completely or completely change or eliminate various functions, as well as change the service providers whose Services are available on the Lolo platform, or prevent the use of the Lolo app by certain service providers.

    Lolo verifies the reputation of service providers, including using public websites.

    The Customer is prohibited from using or attempting to use another person's personal Lolo platform profile and/or accessing another person's personal payment data, or using another person's payment cards on the Lolo platform without the consent of this second person, or creating a User profile with a false identity or the identity of another person

    Customers are permitted to use the Lolo Platform or any of its content for non-commercial purposes only. Systemic retrieval of any kind, such as the use of any bot, spider, "crawler," "scrambling" software, or any other automatic process and/or device to collect, copy, and/or monitor the Services provided through the Lolo Platform is strictly prohibited.

    Lolo is the personal data controller for the data collected when using Lolo. Lolo will process any personal data collected from the Customer in accordance with Lolo's Privacy Policy.

    Lolo may send automatic notifications to Users to the specified email address and phone number. Users may also be sent e-mails containing advertisements. Users can control which content promotional emails they choose to receive through their user profile settings.

    Lolo owns all intellectual property rights to the Website, including the Website's design, content, code, databases, images and forms. The User undertakes not to use or copy any part of the Site without Lolo's permission.

    Rights to intellectual property, i.e. content, messages, texts, files, images, photographs, video and sound recordings, or other materials uploaded by Users to the Website, are retained by the copyright owner. By adding such content/information to the Website, the User is aware of the responsibility for placing the publication on the Website. In addition, the User gives unambiguous and irrevocable permission to Lolo to store, reflect and use this content/information.


    This Privacy Policy for personal data applies to all Users.

    Lolo confirms that it will request and store only the personal information that is necessary to provide the Website and the user's operating system. Personal information of Users requested by Lolo will not be available to other Users of the Site. By using the Lolo application and the Website, the User agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy. In case the User refuses to comply with this Privacy Policy, the User is obliged to stop using the Website.

    Learn more about data processing, protection and confidentiality in Lolo's Privacy Policy.


    When using the Lolo platform, Lolo asks you to take into account that the operation of the platform may be suspended or interrupted for a shorter or longer time at any time. While Lolo makes every effort to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Platform, Lolo makes no representations or warranties as to this unless expressly stated in the Terms. Lolo makes no representations or warranties regarding the reliability, timeliness, quality or adequacy of any Service purchased through the Lolo Platforms.

    Entrepreneurs are committed to providing Services in accordance with published offers. If the provided Service does not match the description, Customers are invited to contact Lolo customer service, the in-app customer service chat option or email [email protected], or contact the service provider directly.

    The Service Provider is responsible for any defects or deficiencies in the Service. The complaint received by Lolo is used in the assessment of service providers and in the evaluation of future cooperation.

    The customer, who has discovered deficiencies in the provision of the Service, is obliged to immediately submit any complaints with a clear description of the deficiencies to the service provider, informing Lolo about this at [email protected]. Notifications of defects must be submitted within a reasonable time after their discovery, but no later than two weeks from the day the defects were discovered. Please note that it is essential to report any deficiencies immediately so that any identified inconsistencies can be properly checked.

    Lolo is not responsible for losses or damages that the Customer or any third party may incur in connection with the received Service, except if they are caused by Lolo's intent or gross negligence, or liability for them cannot be excluded or limited in accordance with applicable laws.< /p>


  • These Terms are valid for as long as the User uses the Lolo platform.

    The user can stop using Lolo pl at any time form. Lolo may terminate the Lolo Platform at any time.

    If the User who stops using the Lolo platform is a service provider, all reservations are automatically cancelled and the Clients are refunded for the Services that have not yet been received. The service provider is obliged to pay the Lolo compensation fee for using the platform.